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4 Helpful Tips for Beginner Paper Crafters

May 30, 2018

We all began this amazing Paper Crafting Hobby at some stage in our lives.  When you are starting from the beginning it is often helpful to gather as many tips as possible to help you create the projects you wish to make.  Today we are dedicating this post to “Tips for Beginners” and the Design Team have collated Four Helpful Tips for those crafters who are just beginning their crafty journey…or anyone else who enjoys learning a helpful tip along the way…

Tips for Beginners #1 – Use a Sketch

“Shine Like the Stars Card” by Cathy McGrath


Sometimes to kick start creativity, a sketch can be a great starting place. It can help to plan a design or when you are at a loss for design inspiration, provide the ‘mojo’ you may need in order to move forward. You can follow the sketch as it is, or rotate it or even replace some of the suggested shapes with ones that best suit your project.

Below is a sketch based on the card that I have created using papers from the Stargazer Paper Pad. This sketch could easily be adapted and be used to create a design for a square card. As you can see, some of the elements have been adapted to suit my project.

Kaisercraft Products: Stargazer Collection: PP1044 | SS363 Sticker Sheet | Cardstock – CD101 Coconut |Decorative Die – DD216 Scribble Star | Rhinestones – SB700 Silver|T321 Craft Glue| T302 Mounting Foam

Other: Corner Rounder| Sequins

Tips for Beginners #2 – Create a Focal Point

“To the Moon and Back “layout by Kylie Kingham.

Beginner Tip: Hope to use your photo as a focal point.- Here in my layout you can see I have used three photos, all of the same image. I have printed two slightly smaller and used them more as a background or ‘accessory’to my layout.Even though all 3 images are the same your eye is drawn to the centre image for a few reasons. For one it is obviously larger, but I have also backed my photo with some darker paper and have attached it to my layout with foam dots, giving it that ‘framed’and raised appearance. Even though there is still plenty going on in and around my main photo, that is still the point my eyes are drawn to.

Kaisercraft Products: Stargazer Collection: P2533 Moonlight, P2534 Universe, SS363 Sticker Sheet, PP1044 Paper Pad, CT937 Collectables, DD817 Peony Cluster, DD811 3D Layered Peony, SF901 White, SF916 Navy, SF917 Bluebell, SF920 Sage.

Other: Seguins, Stitching, Hot Glue.

Tips for Beginners #3 – Make the Most of Your Crafty Products

5 Cards Using 1 Embossing Folder – by Renee Aslette

Today, my tip for beginners is to get the most out of the things that you have.

I used Embossing Folder – Constellation EF283. In the video below, I will show you 5 ways I used the same embossing folder.  I then created 5 cards, in a set, using these embossed pieces and the Stargazer Collection.

Tip 1 – Embossing with Cardstock

This is the way most of us use an embossing folder.  Insert the cardstock into the Embossing Folder and put it through the DIYCuts Machine.

Tip 2 – Inking with the Folder on Side 1

For this I used the raised side of the embossing folder.  I then inked that side using Ink Pad – Lagoon IP727.  Then I added the cardstock and ran it through the DIYCuts Machine.

Tip 3 – Embossing Folder & Kaisercraft Art Foam

For this technique I wanted to show how versatile a piece of art foam is.  Not only can it be used for flowers, but you can use it in an embossing folder, and even die cut it.

Place the art foam piece in the embossing folder and run it through the DIYCuts Machine.

Tip 4 – Inking on the Embossing Folder on Side 2

Ink directly onto the Embossing Folder on the Reverse side.  I used Ink Pad – Black IP719. It creates a reverse pattern.

Tips 5 – Using a Brayer and Kaisercraft Paint

This one was a bit of an experiment for myself too.  I have always wanted to try it.  The thing is, if you try different things, sometimes they come off, and other times they turn out great!!!

I added Kaisercraft – Coastal Blue KC020 onto the brayer with a paint brush.  Then roll directly onto the embossing folder.  I did both sides for this one to see which result I liked the best.

Here is the video tutorial to show you how I created each card.

Kaisercraft Products: Stargazer Collection: SS363 Sticker Sheet, PP1044 Paper Pad, CT937 Collectables, EF283 Embossing Folder – Constellation, CD650 Cardstock – Smooth – White, CD511 Card Pack C6 – White, IP727 Ink Pad – Lagoon, SF901 Art Foam – White, IP719 Ink Pad – Black, KC020 Paint – Coastal Blue, DD001 DIYCuts Machine.

Other: Brayer.

Tips for Beginners #4 – Colour Matching

“Live for the Moments You Cant Put into words” Layout by Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Tips for Beginners - Colour Matching By Alicia McNamara

My Tip for beginners just starting out in Papercrafting is to colour match your photograph to the papers you are working with.  In this example I have taken the blue and white tones from the colours in the the photograph and tried to choose papers and flowers that match those colours.  Its a very simple technique but I feel it is crucial to making a layout easy to look at.  If your photograph doesn’t match the colours of your papers you can always edit the photo to black and white  or sepia colours.

Kaisercraft Tips for Beginners - Colour Matching By Alicia McNamara

Kaisercraft Tips for Beginners - Colour Matching By Alicia McNamara

Video Tutorial Explaining this Tip:

Kaisercraft Products: P2536 Starry Night | P2539 Astronomy | P2533 Moonlight| SS363 Sticker Sheet | SF916 Navy | SF917 BlueBell | DD492 DIY Flora Gerbera | DD198 Decorative Die – Provincial Flourish | DD793 Decorative Die – Ornate Pack 1 | IP719 Ink Pad – Black | F630 Iceberg Paper Blooms | IT466 Diamond Flourish Template |

Other: Cheesecloth | Black Sewing Thread | White and Blue Misting Sprays | 

We hope you have found these Tips helpful.  Maybe you have a Tip you can add into the comments below that might help someone else on their crafty journey.  We are all continually learning so its nice to be able to stop and share something that might benefit a fellow creator.  The crafting community is one of the best parts of this hobby.  If you havent already joined Kaisercraft Corner our own private Facebook Group you might want to consider it.  You can ask questions, share projects and get lots of inspiration in this group and its full of lots of friendly crafters of all skill levels.  A perfect place to gain some tips…feel free to ask a question, you are bound to receive many helpful answers.

Have a lovely, crafty day : )

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