Bullet Journaling Basics

Lisa Amiet here to give the brand new Kaiser Style Dot Grid Journals a road test! I want to share with you today some tips on how to start using these new journals. Bullet journaling is a fun way of having a running to do list combined with the organisation of a planner. It can be as simple or as decorative as you like. I tend towards the more decorative side, depending on the time I have available.  I love that I can customise it however I want, I can add new sections, or remove sections that aren’t working for me. I try to use different styles for each week and month. I also use it as a sketch book every now and then. Firstly, you’ll need to pick the perfect dot grid journal for you and with 12 designs to choose from in the Kaiser Style range, you’re bound to find one that takes your fancy!


Below is a breakdown of sections you might like to include in your dot grid journal:


A list of icons / symbols that you will use in your journal, they can be anything you want but this is the system that works for me.


An index of pages/collections in your journal, for ease of looking up. I also use printed tape to mark my most used pages.

Future Log 

A glance ahead at the next few months. This is where you can take notes for events or appointments too far in advance for your other pages. I usually have a 6 month log, but you can do as many as you want.


An overview of the month to come. This is where you can note tasks, appointment or events for this month. I also track what I am currently doing, watching etc.

Habit Tracker 

A tracker that you are able to use for tracking your daily habits. Things you may want to track so that you know exactly how often you are doing them. It’s also a good reminder to do them.

Gratitude Log 

A log I like to keep of at least one thing that I am grateful for every day. It may be something bug or small. I love to look over the month to remind me to be grateful for the good in life that I have.

Sleep & Energy Log 

A place to track your sleeping habits and energy levels. It can help to see how each one can affect the other.

Mood Tracker 

A fun page where I can track my many colours of my moods. It helps to put things into perspective.

Cleaning Schedule

Exactly as it says, my list of cleaning chores, split up into daily, weekly and monthly etc. That way I just do a little every day.

When Did I Last?

A checklist that I complete for chores bi-weekly or longer, to make sure I remember exactly when I did something last. Saves time getting away from you.


An overview of the week, this is where you can assign tasks to certain days etc, add in your appointments and more. I also have markers to remind me to check off my trackers, a to-do list, and a preview of next week. I also include a mini calendar with the current week highlighted for quick reference.

Daily Logs 

These are my daily logs, I have events, tasks and appointments listed for the day. I also track the weather and what I am currently harvesting from my vegetable garden. Again, you can customise them notebook however you wish.

I love to hear how you use your dot grid journal! Fell free to leave a comment below.

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