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Words of Wisdom – What my Dad taught me.

August 29, 2018

 With Father’s Day coming up for us Aussie’s this weekend, its only fitting to share a little about some of our dads and a couple of Father’s Day Cards that our Design Team have created.

For me personally my dad has been someone who has encouraged me to believe in my own abilities and not to be afraid of trying something new – just go for it.  And as I say in the scrapbooking world – there are no such things as mistakes. But its a mistake if you don’t try.  There is always something new to learn.

Alicia McNamara

Words of Wisdom…..

“I think of my Dad as a very wise man and he has given me many pockets of wisdom throughout my life.  I remember when we were growing up every morning my Dad would leave for work and he would always say to us, “Study Hard”.  I think that has rubbed off on myself and my brother and sister.  We are all very driven and dedicated in our own ways.

My Dad is a farmer and a plumber.  He has worked hard his whole life.  He loves nature and animals.  He thinks its important to “get off the cement” and be surrounded by nature.  I am always reminded of this and because I live on the Gold Coast where there is a lot of “cement”.  I am constantly searching for ways I can get my own boys out into nature.

This is a photo of my Dad and I in 1982 at Coffs Harbour on a family holiday.  It is one of my favourite photos of us together.”

Instructions to make the above card in the slideshow below.
 Click on the little dots below or the arrows on the side for the next step.



Lisa Amiet
“My Dad is a funny kind of guy, taught me some not quite normal things I think.
My words of wisdom he taught me are:
1. If you can drive a car then you need to know how to change a tyre, check the fluids and keep it running.
2. Everybody gets a second chance from you, they burn you once, they get another try, burn you twice, you’re done. LOL
3. You can do anything if you put your mind to if you knuckle down and work for it.

My Dad taught me more about people than anything else” 

See below to see how Lisa has made his card for her dad.


Jowilna Nolte
Three things my dad taught me –

1. Always be 15 minutes early for any appointment – it shows respect and has served me really well in life
2. Hard work always pays off
3. A love of photography – seeing the world through a lens

Follow the simple step by steps instructions from Jowilna to recreate one of the above cards

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