Turtle Template Tutorial

The new turtle template that has been released with this months Deep Sea collection, is fast becoming one of my favourites.

Why you may ask?  Well you only have to look at this collection to see I love turtles, but more on that later.
So what can you do with this template and how?

Why not make your own turtle embellishment to add to a scrapbooking page or add to a card.


SHADED effect.

Using a blending tool, swipe (blend) through a combination of coordinating coloured inks and shade areas as desired.

OPAQUE textured effect

Mix pigment ink into Derivan Light Modelling Paste (or similar product) and spread through the template like icing a cake.
Over the shell areas, lightly pat the pallet knife to give a raised textured effect.  Allow to dry or speed up using a heat gun.

GLAZED shaded effect

In this example, like the first, I have shaded the turtle by blending inks through the template but before
removing the template I have given the shell of the turtle a coat of Gel Medium creating a glazed shell effect.

(PS: the brown in the above is NOT ink – this is what happens when you put 
your heat gun too close to your paper… great effect though)


As with the Opaque turtle above – I have used ink to colour the medium.  But this time I have mixed our dye based ink into
Derivan Gel Medium.  As this medium drys clear you can create your own awesome shell effects.


Experiment with different colours to  create more realistic shell effects or just to play with colours that you love.

Below is a quick video showing you how I created these effects.


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