Technique Tuesday Sticker Book Tips

Welcome to today’s Technique Tuesday. Today I am sharing some tips on how I maximize my Sticker Books. I totally love these new sticker books and want to use every single bit of them.

PAPERS: WITH LOVE Collection: P2748 Just For You, P2750 A Note to Say; P2751 Best Wishes; P2752 Sending Love;
P2754 Hugs & Kisses, P2756 All My Love
KC PRODUCTS:  SK808 Sticker Book; CT961 Collectables
For these quick and easy gift and Birthday Tags I used my sticker book to the max.
step 1 – Once you remove the sticker strips, you are left with these thin little strips that are totally workable.
step 2 – I adhered some strips to my tag bases to create the background. You can also use patterned paper for your background and adhere the strips.
step 3 – Then adhere these thin strips to create a decorative look.
step 4 – Decorate and add some more stickers to dress up your tags.
See how easy it is to dress up and create fun borders with these sticker strips that actually create borders for the word strips.
Make the most of your sticker book and use every inch of it.
Until next time – happy sticking! Jowilna

4 thoughts on “Technique Tuesday Sticker Book Tips”

  1. Beautiful and great ideas with stickers. What are they attached to? Are they designed as bookmarks or general gift tags?

    1. Hi Loiuse, I attached the patterned paper to a white tag base and then added the stickers. Cut off any overlapping paper. The paper pad is great for creating tags without wasting much paper. I use them as gift tags tied to gifts and write on the back instead of a birthday card. Thank you jowilna x

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