Double Page layout Inspiration

Welcome to today’s blog post with another stunning range of papers and some double page inspiration. I fell in love with this range the moment I saw it and this layout came together so beautifully because of it. Take a look as I share how I created some of the details on it

Magenta Collection: P2775 Fuchsia | P2778 Candy | P2782 Pink | P2783 Rouge
KC Products: CT965 Collectibles | SK811 Sticker Book ” SB702 Hot Pink Rhinestones KM125 Candy Kaiser Mist | T303 Foam Tape, T315 Double Sided 12mm Tape
Other: Watercolour paint, Thread, Infusions Powders,
The flowers on the paper are so easy to cut out and that is always a bonus to me. To add interest I raised some of the flowers and clustered some scrunched up thread under them.
Createing soft and flowing lines across the layout using my flowers is so easy – by simply arranging them to create flow and movement.
Add details to your flowers using watercolour paint and then add a thin painted layer over the colour using Kaiser Mist. The mist adds a gorgeous shimmer and stunning effect.
To add to the ombre and paint feel of the paper I used my Infusions powders to create a stunning effect on the background – the colour matched perfectly and also added that imperfect arty look.
Collectibles make for a wonderful add-on to any project and makes decorating a breeze.

To download the printable instruction sheet you can simply click here

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