A Hidden Secret…

Good morning how are you? There is something magical about the amazing Enchanted Collection IN STORE NOW…..

This really inspired me to creates something magical for my daughter, it even has a secret pocket with a letter for her to find.

PAPERS: ENCHANTED Collection: P2786 Mystical, P2787 Fairytale, P2791 Utopia, CT966 Collectables, CR212 Curios

KC PRODUCTS: T303 Foam Tape, T315 Double Sided 12mm Tape.

Now to create this door you need a little fussy cutting but not a lot I promise- you dont even have to add the second sheet of the Mystical if you dont want to…. just cut your door and add your photo behind it and add it to the your background.

I created a secret pocket … a mini envelope for a hidden note that my daughter can find, some thing special for her…..

Add finishing touches like these amazing NEW CURIOS….

Now to make this layout for yourself you can down load the PDF from here.

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