Technique Tuesday Sticker Book Tips

Welcome to today’s Technique Tuesday. Today I am sharing some tips on how I maximize my Sticker Books. I totally love these new sticker books and want to use every single bit of them.

PAPERS: WITH LOVE Collection: P2748 Just For You, P2750 A Note to Say; P2751 Best Wishes; P2752 Sending Love;
P2754 Hugs & Kisses, P2756 All My Love
KC PRODUCTS:  SK808 Sticker Book; CT961 Collectables
For these quick and easy gift and Birthday Tags I used my sticker book to the max.
step 1 – Once you remove the sticker strips, you are left with these thin little strips that are totally workable.
step 2 – I adhered some strips to my tag bases to create the background. You can also use patterned paper for your background and adhere the strips.
step 3 – Then adhere these thin strips to create a decorative look.
step 4 – Decorate and add some more stickers to dress up your tags.
See how easy it is to dress up and create fun borders with these sticker strips that actually create borders for the word strips.
Make the most of your sticker book and use every inch of it.
Until next time – happy sticking! Jowilna

Technique Tuesday…..

Good morning how are you? Its Tuesday !!! And you know what that means? Technique Tuesday and today we are here to show you what you can do with sthe NEW Antiquities collections show casing the stunning P2746 Precious.

P2746 Precious

Make Life Wonderful – Layout By Rikki G

PAPERS: ANTIQUITIES CollectionP2746 Precious, CT960 Collectables, CR207 Curios.

KC PRODUCTS: CD301 Snow Cardstock, T303 Foam Tape, T315 Double Sided 12mm Tape.

Step 1: Remove frame from the background and distress the inner edges of the frame and stick to cardstock.

Step 2: **** With this step its best to work and stick with individual numbers…..

Cut each number out and distress the edges – when sticking back in the frame use foam tape on alternative numbers…..

Step 3: Finish off the layout with photo and Collectables …. dont forget the NEW Curios for the finishing touch.

Technique Tuesday – Feature Frames

Hello Kaisercraft fans!
It’s Technique Tuesday and it’s Lisa here today to share some inspiration with you!
I have a layout to share that I have created using the Antiquities Collection.

PAPERS: ANTIQUITIES Collection: P2740 One of a Kind, P2741 Limited Edition, P2743 Antique, P2744 Valuable, P2745 Treasured, P2746 Precious, P2747 Beloved
KC PRODUCTS: CT960 Collectables, SK807 Sticker Book, CS352 Clear Stamp, FL648 Flourish Pack, IT493 Distressed Dots Template, DD632 Ornate Layered Bracket Decorative Die, Kaisermists KM122 Yellow, KM129 Navy, Ink Pads IP757 Black & IP747 Denim, Paper Bloom F630 Iceberg, SB789 Pearls Chino.

The technique that I would like to share with you today,
is using different papers to frame your layout.
The Antiquities collection has some fabulous papers that are perfect for this.

To start I have used the ‘One of a Kind’ (reverse) as my base page.
I have added some mixed media using the ‘Distressed Dots’ Template.
I have also used the ‘Grunged Paint’ Texture Stamp and the Clear Stamp Set,
to stamp randomly over my page.

When framing my layout I like to use colours that contrast with my base paper.
The Antiquities Collections has a patterned paper, ‘Precious’, that already has a timber frame.
This was perfect for one level of my frame. For the inner frame I chose ‘Antique’ (reverse).

I have adhered the yellow frame to the base paper first.
I have then used foam tape to adhere the wood frame to the page.

Adding fussy cut flowers, from ‘Treasured’ to layer with the frames help add more depth to your page. I have used some in between the two frames and some on the outer frame.
I have then started to build up my page.

I have then used some of the ‘Collectables’ and fussy cut flowers from the papers to build up my layers. I have also used half of an ‘Ornate Layered Bracket’ Decorative Die.
I have then built up pieces of distressed patterned papers to matt my photo.

Some more collectables, Stickers and flowers to finish.
Then I have added some ‘Chino Pearls’ to the centre of my frame flowers.

I hope you like what I have created.
You can find the full instructions for this layout HERE.
I would LOVE to see how you use this technique on a project of yours,
so please share in our Facebook Group – Kaisercraft Corner.

You can find the Antiquities Collection in stock now at your local stockist or
online at Kaisercraft.

Technique Tuesday – Framing

Hello all! It’s Lisa here today with you to share a layout that I have created using the
gorgeous With Love collection.

I fell in love with the stunning gold frames that were a part of the HUGS & KISSES paper.

I really wanted to use them for my layout, so I have fussy cut them out and layered them.

PAPERS: WITH LOVE Collection: P2748 Just for You, P2749 Someone Special, P2752 Sending Love, P2754 Hugs & Kisses, P2755 Just Because, P2756 All my Love.
KC PRODUCTS:  SK808 Sticker Book, CT961 Coloured Collectables, CS353 Clear Stamps, Ink Pads IP740 Cotton Candy, IP739 Flamingo & IP753 Licorice. OTHER:Cardboard

I have first started with the black damask paper (JUST FOR YOU reverse) for my base as I really wanted the gold and bright colours to pop off my page.

I have started by cutting out the large aqua and gold frame, I have backed it with HUGS & KISSES (reverse). I have then cut out the large pink and gold square frame and backed it with ALL MY LOVE (reverse). Lastly, I have cut the pink and gold round circle frame and backed it with SOMEONE SPECIAL (reverse). I have then layered and adhered these on my base page.

I have then fussy cut floral clusters from SENDING LOVE and
tucked them into my layers of frames.

I have then fussy cut the two black and gold frames, raised with cardboard and foam tape for added dimension. The smaller frame is for my photo.
I have then added more floral clusters tucked into my layers.

For my corner cluster I have used the centre from the aqua frames, which I have tucked florals behind. I have then layered it with a sentiment from the Collectables.

I have then added another small pink and gold frame cut from HUGS & KISSES and layered it with a banner sticker from the Sticker Book.
To finish I have added some tri-coloured butterflies I have stamped using the Clear Stamps.

You can find the full instructions for this layout HERE.
I hope you like how I have used these frames to build my layout.

Until next time

You can find the With Love collection in stock now at your local stockist or
online at Kaisercraft.

Technique Tuesday: For the Love of Fussy Cutting

Hello lovely friends!
It’s Terhi Koskinen here today with you and I have something very special to inspire you. It is a scrapbook layout just as you might have guessed, and in addition to the glorious PAISLEY DAYS collection it includes my all time favourite technique: Fussy cutting.
Before you run away thinking fussy cutting is old, boring and definitely something you will not waste your time to, please let me have a moment to talk about it!
Yes, I agree, fussy cutting is old technique, but definitely underrated. By playing with scissors you can turn your lovely projects to amazing projects. And it’s actually very simple: Once you have found your favourite pair of scissors and you keep them sharp and clean, fussy cutting is easy and quick.
Kaisercraft papers are light weight, so they are also very easy to start learning how to fussy cut.
Here’s what I did, all blooms and leaves fussy cut.

KAISERCRAFT PAPERS: PAISLEY DAYS Collection: P2730 Positivity, P2732 Smiles, P2734 Soul, P2738 Daisy Chain and CT959 collectables.
CD650 Smooth Cardstock White.
KAISERCRAFT PRODUCTS: Pearls SB716 Blush, SB784 Ice Green and SB713 Pearl.

If you feel fussy cutting isn’t your thing, or you want learn how to start, here’s my Tips & Tricks TOP4:

– It’s all about scissors! Keep them clean, dust-free and sharp. Choose the pair of scissor which fits to you hand easily and are not too big, also not too small.

– Start with big(-ish) images. It can be tempting to cut out a large flourish with delicate design, but if you’re a first timer, start with some larger blooms. As soon as your skills improve you can step to smaller and smaller images. In the end, you’ll handle the delicate flourishes too!

– Choose your paper. Some papers and heavier than others. The heavier the paper, the harder it is to cut. Again start with easy, light weight, papers and learn your way up to cardstock!

– Last: Don’t be too harsh to yourself! Who cares if your flower miss one petal, more important is that you had fun cutting and creating.

All blooms and flowers you can see here in this layout are cut out by hand from Paisley Days paper P2730 “Positivity”. The flowers and leaves are big enough to cut out easily, and all major “oopses” I managed to do while cutting, are now covered with another bloom or other embellishments. That’s what I love about layering, you can always cover it up!

To add more interest to the layout, I added quite thick thread there going from one spot to another. Some of the fussy cut elements are on top of it, some below. This makes the layout live much more, and it’s much more interesting to watch.

That’s all I have today. Hope you feel inspired and are ready to start the cutting fun! Let me know how your fussy cutting goes, and tag me to your creations in Instagram: @terhi_koskinen.
Thank you for stopping by today! We will see you again. Sooner than you think!
Terhi xx

Ps. Two things before I go!
First: Be aware that as soon as you fall in love with fussy cutting, you’ll end up cutting watching movies, sun bathing, during car drives and other travels…
Second: Never run with scissors.

Technique Tuesday – Adding Dimension with Paisley Days

Hello all! It’s Lisa here today to share a technique with you.
I love to use patterns in the papers to create depth and dimension to a layout.
I have created this layout using the technique.

PAPERS: PAISLEY DAYS  Collection: P2732 Smiles, P2734 Soul, P2736 Groovy
KC PRODUCTS: CT959 Collectables, SK806 Sticker Book, DD636 Posy Circle Decorative Die, DD3331 Flower Cluster Decorative Die, IP755 Ink Pad Licorice.

This is quite a simple way of using the repeated pattern in a paper to create some dimension.
The gorgeous parquetry wood pattern of the Smiles paper from this month’s new Paisley Days collection is perfect for this technique.

I started by fussy cutting a diagonal shape from the wood paper to adhere to my base page. I have then fussy cut additional pieces from the wood pattern to use to add dimension.

I have inked the edges of my pieces to add even more depth to them. I have then matched up the pattern and used foam tape to raise them.

They also help to add a raised base for where my photo will sit. I am also able to use it to tuck in floral pieces to add to my layers.

Raising my photo base and pieces of wood pattern not only adds dimension but it gives you space to be able to add more layers with your embellishments.

I have used the Posy Circle & Floral Cluster Decorative Dies to cut die cuts from the patterned papers. I have added these, along with some fussy cut floral clusters raised with foam tape following the diagonal flow of my layout.

As you can see it works quite well. I am really happy with how it turned out.
You can find the full instructions for this layout HERE.

You can find the Paisley Days collection in stock now at your local stockist or online at

Until next time!