Monochromatic Flowers with Terhi

Hi there, Terhi here!
It’s the end of July but still I want to share you a layout about my most favourite thing about spring. It’s the cherry flowers, the amazing looks of the trees and smell you can’t forget!

PAPERS: MAGENTA Collection: P2775 Fuchsia, P2779 Raspberry, P2781 Berry, P2782 Pink, P2783 Rouge
PP1071 Paper Pad, CT965 Collectables, CS356 Clear Stamps, KM125 Kaiser Mist Candy, SB794 Pearls Snow, Smooth Cardstock White
T320 Craft Glue, T302 Foam Dots, Cotton thread

As said, I love cherry blooms. I know magenta colour isn’t exactly the same colours as cherry blooms but who cares, it’s obvious I love all blooms in all possible colours!

You can’t bring the smell to a layout, even though it would something you’d love to remember forever, but you can bring the thought about the smell. To do that, I decided to add as many flowers as possible to the layout, to remind about how rich and large the trees are during spring. I hope this makes me remember the smell after years. And to make sure, I also added this fact to my journaling, of course.

The background of the layout is a mix of adding colours and blocking colours. Go ahead and read the PDF instructions to learn more, download it here.

I hope you are inspired! 
Terhi xx

The Best Painted Background with Terhi

Hello hello, Terhi here!
It’s time for another fun Technique Tuesday and I’m here to inspire you to use our amazing line of acrylic paints to your next craft project.

MAGENTA Collection: P2775 Fuchsia, P2779 Raspberry, P2781 Berry, P2782 Pink, P2783 Rouge
KC PRODUCTS: PP1071 Paper Pad, CT965 Collectables, SB794 Pearls Snow, Smooth Cardstock White, CR207 Curios. KC 001 Paint White, KC010 Paint Hot Pink.
OTHER: T320 Craft Glue, T302 Foam Dots, white gel pen.

I can tell you that one of the main reasons why I love using acrylic paint on my scrapbook layouts is how quick they are. For example this background took just about three minutes to make, and half of that time I was already washing my palette knife.

To create this background I took a white cardstock and the most lovely colour of hot pink acrylic paint, added couple drops of paint straight to the cardstock and spread it around with palette knife. If you don’t have palette knife, old key card or similar will do the job. Just spread it out and leave it. If you want, let it dry and add another colour.

Cardstock is so thick that for one or two layer of paint it doesn’t need any gesso to prepare it first. It’s already ready! If you want to use patterned paper from Kaisercraft, I’d spread a layer of clear gesso first, to avoid getting wrinkled paper.
To get the paint dry I prefer air drying as preparing the heat gun takes more time than actually using it, so it is very quick to dry anyway.

Another great and easy way to use the paints is splashing. As my layout is very pink, I mixed couple drops of water and couple drops of paint, then flicked it around the page with a small brush. The white balances the layout nicely.

Hope this inspires you today!
Before you go, DOWNLOAD the instructions HERE!
Terhi xx

Bold Colours on set of Cards with Terhi

Hey Kaisercraft Fans!
Terhi here with a pair of cards made using the most beautiful Enchanted collection. This beautiful collection is one of two just revealed collections and it’s full of colors of the earth, sentiments and phrases from stories and it makes me want to jump right back to books I read when I was a child. Enchanted is very versatile, and for some unknown reason I’d like to smile each time I flip through the patterned papers – each and every single one is so pretty!

PAPERS: ENCHANTED Collection: P2785 Imagine, P2789 Picturesque, P2791 Utopia.
KC PRODUCTS: PP1072 Paper Pad, SK812 Sticker Book, CT966 Collectables, Smooth Cardstock White, Texture Stamp: Woven Line. 
OTHER: T320 Craft Glue, T302 Foam Dots.

As said, today I’m sharing a pair of cards I’ve done. My first idea was to create very masculine a set of cards, but during the creation process my theme turned from manly keychains to pretty flowers and bright colors. To be honest, I don’t mind at all as this combination of bold red, green, black and white is my new favourite!

To create the base for the cards I first played with embossing powders and stamping. There’s also some fussy cutting and layering, and if you want to create exactly similar set of cards you can easily download PDF instructions here.

Hope this inspires you to create something beautiful today!
Terhi xx
PS. Download the PDF instructions HERE.

Morning Dew Mini Book with Terhi Koskinen

Hello! It’s Terhi here and I hope you are ready for some mini album inspiration. Today I’m here with a fresh new Mini Book made with Morning Dew collection.

Morning Dew is full of calming colors, beautiful patterns and it makes me think about mindfulness, yoga and other exercises aiming to balance. That’s why I started to think about what are the balancing things in my life. There are some, but most important of all are all creative processes. Scrapbooking included! What a great excuse to document scrapbooking!

I have couple of photos from my very first scrapbook workshops I have ever taught. Creating a Mini Book with those three photographs was fun throwback to five years ago and I’m very happy with the result.

MORNING DEW Collection: P2757 Serene, P2759 Rejuvinate, P2760 Calming, P2762 Tranquil, SK809 Sticker Book, CT963 Collectables, CS354 Clear Stamps.
Smooth Cardstock- White, Adhesive Pearls – Latte, Pigment Ink – White, Foam tape.
Other: Metal ring or similar.

There are eight pages in this book. If you want to create similar book by yourself, upload instructions HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today.
Terhi xx

Discover – Journey Layout with Terhi

Hi all, Terhi here!
I’m inspiring you today with a scrapbook layout made of teeny tiny small paper pieces. We all have those left over papers from cards, layouts, all kind of projects we’ve done. Well, this is one way to use all the beautiful paper pieces and turn them into a background of a layout.

Products: Journey Collection P2768 Vagabond, P2769 Adventure, P2770 Tourist, P2773 Globe Trotter, P2774 Meanderer, PP1070 Paper Pad, SK810 Sticker Book, CT964 Collectibles, CR210 Curios, T321 Craft Glue, T303 Foam Tape.
Other: Thread.

To create this kind of background you need only the papers, and different adhesives. My favourites are foam tape and foam dots, anything to make some dimension with. Start by cutting your papers to 1″x1″, 1″x1,5″ and 1″x2″, then start adhering the pieces randomly but straight on white cardstock.

Continue building the layout by adding photograph or two. if you take a close look to my layout, you can spy some really small photos there. They are same photos printed over and over again and used kind of as embellishments. I really like to colour scheme on the photos, and wanted to repeat it on the page.

You can choose stamped embellishments, or go with the easy way and add lots of stickers to decorate the page. Also, in the end of the PP1070 Paper Pad you can find many sweet ephemera pieces. I love adding them at this point, for example the yellow stripe next to the main photo is from there.
To finish this page I first added three curious, and then flicked some white ink here and there. Voilá!

I hope you are inspired!
Before you go, take the instruction with you and have fun crafting!
Terhi xx

Happy Butterflies with Terhi

Hello Kaisercraft Fans!
Terhi here with a scrapbook layout filled with butterfly and love. Australia is preparing to winter time, but where I live in Finland we are just getting to peel out from our winter jackets and boots. Snow has melted (almost) and birds are singing. I even saw one butterfly couple days ago and couldn’t be happier about the sunlight we are enjoying.

PAPERS: WITH LOVE Collection: P2748 Just For You, P2750 A Note to Say; P2751 Best Wishes; P2752 Sending Love; 2 x P2754 Hugs & Kisses, P2756 All My Love
KC PRODUCTS:  SK808 Sticker Book; CT961 Coloured Collectables; CR208 Curios.

The creating process was simple. Some paper layers first. Then stickers, three lovely photographs of my younger daughter, all attached with foam tape and finally lots of fussy cut butterflies. All the watercolour spots you can see are made after everything else was done.

As all the butterflies are beautifully covered with golden details, I wanted to keep the edges of the butterflies as thin as I could manage with scissors.

After I has the butterflies in their places, I decided some more green would be good on the layout. I continued with fussy cutting, this time some leaves from paper ‘Just For You’. This paper has also the golden details on it, and I tried to keep the edges thin.

Hope you are inspired!

Terhi xx

Paisley Days Double Layout with Terhi

Hello everyone!
Terhi Koskinen here with my new favourite collection from Kaisercrafts – Paisley Days. I decided not only make one but two layouts and made them work as one or used as separately.
Let me show you.

PAPERS: PAISLEY DAYS Collection: P2730 Positivity, P2732 Smiles, P2734 Soul, P2738 Daisy Chain and CT959 collectables.
CD650 Smooth Cardstock White.
KC PRODUCTS: Kaiser Mists KM121 White, KM122 Yellow, KM127 Turquoise.
Pearls SB716 Blush, SB784 Ice Green and SB713 Pearl.

If you look this as it is, one layout, you can see there is a lot going on. Lots of colours, many fussy cut flowers, and even multiple photographs. But it all goes together very well.
Then again, if you focus only to one page, you can see there are all required elements for a perfect scrapbook layout too: title, pretty papers and embellishments, and most importantly the photographs.

While I started creating this page, I felt the double layout size is so very large – too large. So my idea here is that you can build a double layout by creating a page by page!

I managed to do this double layout at once. But to make the challenge of too large area much easier for upcoming moments, I invented this wonderful method that you can really build the pages one by one.
Just keep the products similar, and design following another and you’ll do great!

Hope this inspires you!

Read the instructions HERE.

Terhi xx

Technique Tuesday: For the Love of Fussy Cutting

Hello lovely friends!
It’s Terhi Koskinen here today with you and I have something very special to inspire you. It is a scrapbook layout just as you might have guessed, and in addition to the glorious PAISLEY DAYS collection it includes my all time favourite technique: Fussy cutting.
Before you run away thinking fussy cutting is old, boring and definitely something you will not waste your time to, please let me have a moment to talk about it!
Yes, I agree, fussy cutting is old technique, but definitely underrated. By playing with scissors you can turn your lovely projects to amazing projects. And it’s actually very simple: Once you have found your favourite pair of scissors and you keep them sharp and clean, fussy cutting is easy and quick.
Kaisercraft papers are light weight, so they are also very easy to start learning how to fussy cut.
Here’s what I did, all blooms and leaves fussy cut.

KAISERCRAFT PAPERS: PAISLEY DAYS Collection: P2730 Positivity, P2732 Smiles, P2734 Soul, P2738 Daisy Chain and CT959 collectables.
CD650 Smooth Cardstock White.
KAISERCRAFT PRODUCTS: Pearls SB716 Blush, SB784 Ice Green and SB713 Pearl.

If you feel fussy cutting isn’t your thing, or you want learn how to start, here’s my Tips & Tricks TOP4:

– It’s all about scissors! Keep them clean, dust-free and sharp. Choose the pair of scissor which fits to you hand easily and are not too big, also not too small.

– Start with big(-ish) images. It can be tempting to cut out a large flourish with delicate design, but if you’re a first timer, start with some larger blooms. As soon as your skills improve you can step to smaller and smaller images. In the end, you’ll handle the delicate flourishes too!

– Choose your paper. Some papers and heavier than others. The heavier the paper, the harder it is to cut. Again start with easy, light weight, papers and learn your way up to cardstock!

– Last: Don’t be too harsh to yourself! Who cares if your flower miss one petal, more important is that you had fun cutting and creating.

All blooms and flowers you can see here in this layout are cut out by hand from Paisley Days paper P2730 “Positivity”. The flowers and leaves are big enough to cut out easily, and all major “oopses” I managed to do while cutting, are now covered with another bloom or other embellishments. That’s what I love about layering, you can always cover it up!

To add more interest to the layout, I added quite thick thread there going from one spot to another. Some of the fussy cut elements are on top of it, some below. This makes the layout live much more, and it’s much more interesting to watch.

That’s all I have today. Hope you feel inspired and are ready to start the cutting fun! Let me know how your fussy cutting goes, and tag me to your creations in Instagram: @terhi_koskinen.
Thank you for stopping by today! We will see you again. Sooner than you think!
Terhi xx

Ps. Two things before I go!
First: Be aware that as soon as you fall in love with fussy cutting, you’ll end up cutting watching movies, sun bathing, during car drives and other travels…
Second: Never run with scissors.

Breathe Card Set with Terhi

Hello Kaisercraft Fans!

Terhi Koskinen here to share you some card inspiration.
Before explaining much about these cards, I need to admit I wasn’t very keen on card making some time ago. I find myself more as a scrapbooker and paper crafter but cards are always a challenge. So to lower the challenge of creating cards I have discovered couple of tricks!
First: Keep it simple.
Second: Layer it.
Third (and most important): Don’t stress about it!

Products used: 

BREATHE Collection: P2703 Soft Pastel, P2704 Blue Blush, P2707 Pale Wonder, P2708, Efflorescence,

P2709 Floral Twilight, P2711 Clear Skies,

CT956 Collectables
SB716 Blush Pearls, CD301 White Cardstock,

KM121 Kaiser Mist White, T303 Foam Tape, T321 Glue.

Keeping my thoughts in those three simple tricks, I let myself  dive into the fabulous Breathe Collection and just like magic these cards were created!
I decided to make small cards and build them more dimensional than vertical or horizontal.
Fussy cutting is so close to my heart, cutting different leaves, blooms and flowers out of full sized papers was  fun.
Then, I just added one phrase die cut on top, and that’s it!

Well, I did add some pearls too. And doodling!
Never underestimate the power of pens and pencils.
Some white details with a pen and splashes with white Kaiser Mist were the perfect finishing touches for the cards.
This set of cards made me want to do more!

Hope you are inspired!
Terhi xx

You can download instructions for these HERE.

Paradise Found – Decorative Dies

Hello all!

Terhi Koskinen here with you today, and I hope I can inspire you to use your Decorative Dies again!

PAPERS: PARADISE FOUND Collection: P2697 Ocean Air, P2698 Chase the Sun, P2699 Balmy Nights, CT955 Collectables

KC PRODUCTS: DD231 Monstera Leaf Decorative Die, DD633 Fern Leaf Decorative Die,

IT485 Tropical Leaves Template, IP746 Peacock Ink Pad,

IP749 Fern Ink Pad, SB783 Teal Pearls, SB786 Rose Pearls, KM122 Yellow Kaiser Mist

All products to create this layout are available online at the Kaisercraft Shop.

To create this layout I used Paradise Found collection revealed earlier this month.

It’s such a wonderful Collection with the most beautiful colours, relaxing phrases and gorgeous Decorative Dies.

You could create million different things with these dies, but I wanted to focus on one.

That’s why I repeated the Monstera Leaf Decorative Die quite many times on this layout.

The Monstera Leaf shape is also repeated on the background with a template and ink.

To show you exactly how this layout was made, I recorded a process video. 

To download the written instructions please click on the main image above.

Hope you’re inspired! Enjoy creating and watching!

Terhi xx